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Portable Stash Crack Activator Free Download [Mac/Win]

Portable Stash Crack+ (April-2022) Portable Stash is a small note manager that offers simple means to compose and manage personal or work-related information, such as journal entries, notations, phone numbers or addresses. It can help you stay organized with minimal effort. Store numerous records The app comes in the form of a self-extracting executable, which doesn't need prior setup in order to run. It can be carried on a thumb drive and launched from any Windows-based computer. Since it's portable, it doesn't generate new entries in the registry. Also, it doesn't take up much space on the disk. Offers simple options to create notations Due to its simplicity, the app can be used even by those less experienced in handling note managers. The offered functions are few, limiting the user's choice to store sensitive and personal information. All you can do is give your drafts a name and content. Use the integrated text-to-speech tool to read the content Portable Stash comes with a built-in text-to-speech feature that reads the text out loud, however, the voice can't be changed with another one nor the reading speed. The app's background color can be picked from a rich palette while the "Search" function lets you find words with ease. Lack of basic features that could've come in handy There are no options to customize the text with font types, styles, colors and sizes. Plus, you can't insert bullet or number lists, images, symbols or tables, highlight specific phrases and easily recognize hyperlinks. The tool doesn't provide an import feature to open TXT or RTF drafts nor the option to protect the database with a password. Straightforward notation manager The bottom line is that Portable Stash is a user-friendly application that comes in handy for everyone who wants to write and store notes that can contain general data, like phone numbers, names, addresses or links. Despite the intuitive features the app offers, the lack of essential functions leaves much to be desired. This is my first review on Software Informer so please be gentle. First of all I am not a Windows user and I do not like using complex software to do simple things like creating and managing notes. On the plus side: - the free version is pretty complete - it's quick and easy to use - very well organized I am not too happy with: - the user interface is confusing at first (but then again it is confusing for everyone, as it is too simple and that Portable Stash Crack + License Key [Latest 2022] 8e68912320 Portable Stash [Mac/Win] Key Macro is a multifunctional utility for Microsoft Windows. It lets you create and manage macros for any program that allows custom key sequences. With Key Macro you can quickly execute any key combination of your choice by pressing the Macros button. Macros can be created for any program that has its own key shortcuts, like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, gmail and much more. Haven't you ever wanted to execute the same key combination frequently, but wanted to speed up the process by using a macro? Have you ever pressed a key combination accidentally and wanted to undo it without having to navigate back to the shortcut's destination in the menu? This is where Key Macro comes in handy. Key Macro lets you create macros for any program that has its own key shortcuts. With Key Macro, you can quickly execute any key combination of your choice by pressing the Macros button. Macros can be created for any program that has its own key shortcuts, like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Gmail and many more. When using Key Macro, you don't have to think about your shortcut anymore. Simply create a new macro and enter the shortcut you want to execute. Key Macro will quickly execute your shortcut for you. You can create as many macros as you want, each with its own name and custom key sequence. You can even use a combination of keys to create multi-key macros. Key Macro also lets you create shortcuts for all of your commonly used functions, such as opening or saving a file, copying text, pasting, moving objects, copying objects, etc. You can use the Add Macro button to quickly access and create your own shortcuts. Key Macro's bundled utilities are included with the program, such as an advanced find and replace tool, that will help you in your daily work with text. Besides Key Macro's built-in utilities, you can download and use 3rd party macros from the program's bundled file library. Don't forget to create a free account on the program's website if you want to download, share and use the macros from there. Key Macro is a very fast application that lets you execute any key combination at the press of a button, even if your program doesn't have its own key shortcuts. It also lets you create shortcuts for all of your frequently used functions. Key Macro is perfect for anyone that regularly uses applications with their own key shortcuts and can't remember them all the time. Key Macro is freeware and does not require registration. Language: English File Size: 1 What's New in the? System Requirements For Portable Stash: Minimum: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz or faster Memory: 4 GB Graphics: DirectX 11 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 4 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card (such as a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy or a Creative Sound Core 3) Input: Keyboard and mouse Recommended: Processor: Quad Core 2 GHz or

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